inFormed Consent

A cloud-based digital solution that efficiently delivers consistent and easy to understand information to patients.

What Our Solution Provides

Our solution delivers an easy-to-understand tablet application that gives a video explanation of hundreds of medical procedures.

  • Each consent is delivered in an easy to understand video
  • The patient can pause at any point during the video to ask questions
  • Patented process for ensuring the patient has viewed the video
  • Digital signatures from the patient and physician
  • Archived for physician or patient review
  • Consistent Patient Experience
  • Standardized Messaging for all Providers
  • Pre-Appointment Education

Listen to Dr. Usman Latif, Pain Management Physician, describe the inFormed Consent App

“A challenge physicians face today is the fact that patients remember as little as 25% of the information presented by their physician in an informed consent discussion. This leads to higher levels of anxiety and frustration from family members seeking to understand the aspects of a proposed surgical procedure. The informed Consent App is designed to allow patients to watch a recording of their consent discussion in the privacy of their home and share the video with family members and caregivers.”

Dr. Dan Kloster

Our Specialties

inFormed Consent has an extensive library of procedure consent videos already created for the following specialties:

  • Spine
  • Ortho
  • Pain Management
  • Bariatric
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Anesthesia
  • Regenerative Medicine

inFormed Consent and Malpractice

Bruce Keplinger, who specializes in professional malpractice defense, sits down to discuss the benefits of inFormed Consent

Reduced Exposure to Litigation

With over 25% of cases involving communication claims related to a lack of informed consent, we believe there is an opportunity to provide physicians a cost-effective solution to mitigate exposure to litigation.

Mitigate Malpractice Premiums Increase

With premiums increasing at the fastest level in years physicians can often receive discounts when implementing sound risk mitigation strategies

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Improved satisfaction and understanding scores can be linked to a reduction in the likelihood a patient will sue their physician for a malpractice claim.

Why is a better informed consent process needed?

Patients have poor recollection of the risks associated with surgical procedure

Study by the Women’s College Hospital Research Ethics Board between August 2107 and May 2019

Key Findings

Patients have poor immediate memory of the major risks associated to ISB disclosed during the informed consent discussion.

Under the present study conditions, the validity of the informed consent process for patients undergoing ISB may be undermined.

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